Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Last week I went to meet with the CageCity girls to have a chat about working for them as a photographer and was delighted when given the chance to do a CageCity Meets! I've seen some of my favourite bloggers do it before and have always been like "I'd love to do that too!". CageCity Meets is something they do every week where they give bloggers the chance to style a number of 6 different outfits and then model them in a photoshoot! I really enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun getting to sift through all the different brands, the clothes were amazing! I spent a good while trying to pick from them all and eventually came up with looks that were really quirky and very me, a lot of block colours and fun prints. I especially love how CageCity have a section of clothes from Fashion Design graduates, it's such a great idea and I loved the handmade pieces, the knitwear items were so cool.

I also did an interview which you can read on their site here!

P.S. yes... finally a post with my new (not so new anymore lol) hair and eyebrow colour!!!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Jacket: UNIF X UO Dress: Motel Rocks Buffalo's: Vintage

These shots were taken on 2nd January, a sunny start to the new year which didn't last long and was still extremely cold, and as you can tell by my hair, rather windy too! For these photos Ryan and I took turns in taking outfit photos with his amaaazing 'Wha†ever' bomber jacket and beautiful vintage Buffalo's, not to mention his super snazzy sunglasses which make everything look a very cool blue to look through! My best friend has the best items I must admit, I am very envious... Another thing I'm envious of him for is his ability to walk so much better in platforms that I ever will, how is that fair?! The fact of the matter is even worse because these shoes fit me better than they do him *bows head in shame*. One day I will walk just as fast as you in platforms Ryan, one day... >:) View/Hype his look here! He's new to lookbook. My next posts to come will finally be that of London Fashion Week AW14 street style/my outfits content, keep a look out!

Sunday, 16 February 2014


Leather jacket is my friends, hoody is Dirty Harry's, t-shirt is Urban Outfitters,
leggings and socks are Topshop, tights are Primark, creepers are New Look.

So here are the photos I'm finally posting from New Years Eve! It's taken me a while but got there in the end. These outfit photos of myself and Ryan were taken at the beginning of the night on our way to warehouse parties, when my make-up was still in tact and my fake eyelashes were yet to be ruined! This night was an incredible and memorable night and I wish I could relive it, or at least remember it better. I ended up getting heavily drunk which naturally makes you forget a lot, then ended the night by passing out on my friends sofa whilst everyone else was still partying on around me. One thing I do remember of the night was one manic warehouse party we went to where it was so packed and there was even a swing up in the air that I saw some woman swinging on above me, later on a man asked me if I wanted to go on the swing and I think I just got completely scared off and ran away. I wish now that I had the guts and was sober enough to have gone on that swing eheh, it looked like it would have been rather fun.

Friday, 14 February 2014

'BRUTAL' Art Exhibition


Photos I took at the exhibition shown a bit in my last post!

Providing an easy way to get in the Halloween spirit, “BRUTAL London” takes your most cringe-worthy thoughts and renders them in the imaginably claustrophobia-inducing space of a dilapidated building. The exhibit, curated by Lazarides Gallery in conjunction with The Vinyl Factory, is an annual off-site exhibition by the legendary art dealers. Curated by Steve Lazarides, “BRUTAL” features various artists’ interpretations of the term – including Cleon Patternson‘s large, black mural, which is reminiscent of Athenian vase paintings; James Lavelle‘s dark short film about a melancholy self-piercing cabaret dancer; and a live performance piece by The Bone Breakers – who wrestled, ran and biked throughout the space with bats. Source.

Thursday, 13 February 2014


Denim jacket from Portobello Market, Vintage Renewal shirt from Urban Outfitters,
Disco Pants from Primark, Vintage Dr Marens are hand-me-downs

19th October 2013 myself and my best friend Ryan went to "Brutal London" Underground Art Exhibition. It was incredible, my absolute favourite exhibition I've ever been to, so quirky and different from any other one I've seen before. Everything was very creepy and grungy and each corner you turned you'd find yourself amongst live actors in gas masks walking around whilst you hear the sound of pipes dripping everywhere.
The exhibition was described by hypebeast as it "takes your most cringe-worthy thoughts and renders them in the imaginably claustrophobia-inducing space of a dilapidated building."

I took so many photos in this exhibition but this post would be too long to add them all so I'll add more to a separate post whilst keeping this one more outfit based.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Tartan Love

 Dress and tights from Primark, top and both socks shown from Topshop,
creepers from New Look, earrings from H&M, choker was a gift

Hey guys! These photos are really old, taken on 6th October 2013. I've been slacking editing them for quite some time now and have since been blonde and now have blue hair :') Another outfit post is yet to come with me and my old pink hair, then I'll continue uploading in order of the dates taken, where I'll upload my outfit posts with me being blonde again for a short period. I had this pink hair for what seems like forever... to get rid of it I had to bleach on top of it and even then there was still pink in my hair, so crazy.

Hope you all like this outfit, I love this dress and think it's so nice considering it's Primark. The tassel top was a splurge of mine for about £45 I think - eek! I treated myself to it once I got my first student loan and totally adore it to pieces, personally I think it was worth the splurge! I've just realised I'm showing my Halloween blood-drip socks in the above photo yet I'm not wearing them in the photos, initially I think I was just taking a photo to display my new buys for Instagram or whatever but never did that and so thought I may aswell upload the photo to this post too.

Peace & Love till next time...
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